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Do you need someone to talk to about your children’s questions around pregnancy, relationships and sexuality? Would you rather not just fall back on what your own parents did? Coaching sessions with a trained sexuality professional will help you ensure a different experience for your children.

Common Concerns

Kids have lots of different questions about sensitive topics. Be a prepared parent and ensure they get the right info and learn your values. As a coach, some of the concerns that parents have brought to me include:

  • I think my son’s penis is smaller than normal and I am worried.

  • I want to encourage my daughter’s healthy sexuality without making her self-conscious.

  • My ex-husband caught my son looking at porn and I want to talk to my son about it. 

  • I caught my son and daughter playing with each others sexual organs in the bathroom. 

  • When’s the right time for my daughter to start dating?

  • My son loves to wear dresses and skirts and I don’t want him to get teased at school.

What would you do if these came up in your life? Are you ready to handle them? I’m here to make it easier to take care of whatever is coming up for you or your children about these kinds of topics and so much more.  Let me know how I can be helpful. 

“I am consistently impressed with Emi’s ability to encourage and enhance an open dialogue regarding all aspects of sexuality. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and so kind. I highly recommend working with her.”

~ Vikki Pedigo, MSN, WHNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Institute for Sexual Health

“Emi made talking about my child’s developing body and growing understanding of sexuality less awkward. She is direct, humorous and full of strategies that help families communicate and progress through the transitions of puberty and developing sexuality.”

~ Susan Wood, mom to an 8 y.o.

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