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Now What?! Workshop

Easy answers to the hardest questions your child will ever ask you.


Research shows that parents think they talk sex much more often than teens report they do. And, teens consistently report that parents are the biggest influence in their decisions about sex. So the take home message here is, TALK MORE!!!! Making the communication with your teen about sex more comfortable, calm and clear is what this workshop is about.

This workshop is designed to address some of the most common concerns parents have:

  • How can I help keep my teen safe?

  • How do I start if I have not really addressed sex before?

  • I want my teen to become a sexually healthy adolescent and adult.

  • What do I do if I think my child is sexually active?

  • My teen won’t talk to me.

  • I caught my teen watching porn and I don’t know how to address it.

  • What are teens actually doing these days? What’s normal?

  • How to balance messages about safety and sexual behavior.

  • What messages do I want to send about sexual behavior? abstinence?


By the end of this workshop talking to your teen will be much easier!!

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