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Relationships are hard!

All these breakups were just announced this month! Relationships are hard y’all.

  • Gavin + Gwen

  • Jennifer + Ben

  • Reba + Narvel

  • Miss Piggy + Kermit

Not that we model our lives after Hollywood! I don’t remember the last time I walked the red carpet or had 3 nannies. Do you? However, the hot and famous have to deal with relationship issues just like the rest of us mortals. They are probably no better equipped than most of us. Plus, they have to deal with the added pressure of living under a huge microscope.

So where do we get our relationship skills?

Good question. Most of us see it modeled from our parents and other adults around us. We choose to either imitate or reject their style. Or, we unintentionally repeat what they did. It’s no different for children today. Children and teens learn a great deal from us. After all, we are their primary sexuality educators. So how we think about relationships, how we talk with our children and teens about them can have profound life changing effects.

Think about the messages you received either overtly or covertly about relationships, love and sex. What would have helped you when you needed it? I know I could have used a lot more guidance around what sex means to me, when is the right time, about pleasure, and how to break up with someone. I didn’t need lecturing. I needed to have open and honest conversations with different perspectives, discussion of what my motivations were, how to live with disappointing people. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and probably helped me have much healthier and happier relationships.

Most of us want our children to do better than we did including with relationships and love. It’s all part of wanting them to have a better life than we’ve had. Not sure how? Read through this blog, watch the videos, sign up for one of our upcoming classes. We’re here to help!

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