Teaching Body Love – Brilliant Mama Blog Tour

As a sexuality educator and as a mother, the most transformative mothering I do is to teach my 6 year old daughter to love herself and her body. I want the self confidence, strength and delight she has in her body now, to bond with the cells in her body, so she will have a buffer zone against the onslaught of messages about how she “needs” to change who she is or how she looks in order to be happy or loved. It’s taken me about 40 years to draw a truce with my body. I’d like to spare my daughter all that pain, lost time, lost energy, and lost love (mostly self-love). Teaching body love is the way to go!

Teaching Body Love – how I do it at home

There are countless opportunities throughout the day to reinforce body awareness and love. Here are some of the ways I teach my daughter to honor, love, and respect her body.

Body Appreciation

  • Talking about how strong she is and the things she can accomplish with her body.

  • Daily talking about what we are grateful to our bodies for and one thing we can do do take care of ourselves.

  • Avoiding talk about being “good” or “bad” in regards to what we eat or to how much she or I or anyone else weighs.

  • Talking about what I love about my body.

  • Talking about what makes us beautiful and strong.

Body Awareness