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Preparing Children for Puberty

Learn to help your child through all the changes they will encounter during puberty.


(Ages 8-12) Being able to connect with your child during puberty won’t always be easy, but it will be so necessary.

Young people don’t even understand what they are going through most of the time. 

Puberty is an awkward, emotional, exciting, and challenging time for both parents and their children. Be as prepared as possible to help you and your child through all the emotional, mental and physical changes they will encounter.

With this workshop, you will feel armed with information and proactive strategies to raise a sexually healthy adolescent that will grow into a sexually healthy adult.

What they are saying…

“For any parents, schools, or organizations interested in a workshop on how to open the doors of communication about reproduction, sexuality, etc., with your child, I highly recommend Emi Canahuati. She recently spoke to a group of Abintra Montessori School parents and her guidance and information was beyond helpful. “

Suzanne Myers, mom to an 8 y.o.

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