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Right From the Start Workshop

Learn to speak to your children in an age- and developmentally-appropriate manner.


(Ages 1-3).  Starting sexuality education with your teens, or during puberty, is much more difficult than beginning earlier. You’re already guiding your toddler through their entire world. Including sexuality education at this stage, in an age- and developmentally-appropriate manner, helps build trust between you and your child. In this workshop, you will learn to establish an open dialogue about sexuality as you look forward to future conversations.

If you start this ongoing dialogue early enough, your growing children will know they can always come to you without fear of punishment or shaming. By building a solid foundation in early childhood, you can guide your growing child through:

  • learning consent

  • having healthy body image

  • establishing honest communication

  • expressing emotion

  • understanding negotiation

  • practicing good sexual health

  • be knowledgeable about sexuality


Through open dialogue you’ll position yourself as a resource for when questions arise. Children get a lot of misinformation. This workshop is the first step in learning to be “askable” – a confident and comfortable guide for your child’s sexuality questions.


A sexually healthy child turns into a sexually healthy adolescent, who turns into a sexually healthy adult. Take the first step with this workshop.

What they are saying…

Working with Emi “empowered me as a parent to the idea that I can change the “talk” in to something positive and great for my sons’ lives. It shifted the comfort level…I understood that if I could do it, my children then would approach this is a whole different way, a great gift worth any discomfort. The “sex” talk is an important one…let us be the ones giving it to our children, if not us, who?”

Irma Paz-Bernstein, mom to an 8 y.o and a 6 y.o.

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